In exposed areas, termites travel within shelter, dirt tubes that they construct. Temperature has a strong influence on daily and seasonal activity. Termites remain active in cold weather if the structure they are infesting is heated.

General and household disinfestations include problematic insects’ viz. Cockroaches, house flies, bugs, spiders, ants, etc. which apart from causing nuisances to mankind, play a major role in the transmission of hazardous human diseases.

Prevention is better than cure and in many cases improving standards in hygiene and housekeeping will make premises less favourable for bed bug infestations.

Insects are repulsed by the presence of the botanical extract and do not build up a resistance to these mosquito control treatments.


Pestcontrol Services

The methods we are using to destroy the pests are chemical free and it is harmless. We monitor your homes/office for termite activity and take necessary action. Our trained professionals inspect your place and comes with an exact solutions. So that you can live a pest-free life.

Termite Control

Termite or ‘white ant’ infestations treatment and prevention in homes. Do you have termites in or around your home?. Many insects are confused with termites, especially ants. Termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’ because of their pale appearance. Initially, termites have an important role in the forest ecosystem as they break down cellulose. However, when their natural food source is eliminated, termites replace it with anything made of or containing cellulose.

Cockroach Control

We are well versed company who provide services into Household Disinfestations Services. We are providing our services as per client requirement also. To meet the spectrum of surveying and providing best pest control services to the needs of the industry as and when required with high-quality service, rapid turnaround, and unparalleled professionalism, at a profit.

Bed Bugs Control

With the increase in the number of international travellers, people moving more frequently, overcrowded living conditions and the lack of effective insecticides, the number of bed bug infestations have increased significantly.Although their mobility is restricted to crawling they will infest adjacent rooms or neighbouring buildings. There are two species of bed bugs in Australia Climax lectularius (Common bed bug) & Cimex hemipterus (Tropical bed bug).

Mosquito Control

Mosquito control that is effective for outdoor spaces is just a click or call away. If you’re worried about your special backyard activities being spoiled by mosquitoes who think your guests are on the menu, frustrated by the inconvenience and ineffectiveness of netting and spray cans or concerned about the spread of West Nile Virus, then consider enlisting the help of a professional

To exceed expectations in terms of value for money, service delivery, maximisation of savings potential and support to the network in terms of reliability and sustainability.